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    Transit Workers, Covid and The Fight For Health & Safety with SF TWU 250a President Roger Marenco
    Minnieapolis protests: CNN crew arrested as fires rage in Minnieapolis; Trump calls protestors 'THUGS' suggest looting will lead to shooting
    Guest workers on US farms are in the eye of the coronavirus storm
    Max Scherzer, MLB Players Union board member, signals immense displeasure with salary cuts proposed by league
    Workers at 6 Yakima-area fruit-packing plants strike over coronavirus concerns
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    I am a union worker. I pledge to help my union brothers and sisters by buying union products and using union services. I know that I enjoy many good things today, because of the devotion and sacrifices of trade unionists before me who fought to win a better life for all working people. 

    I pledge to buy only those goods in the market place made in this country by my fellow workers, and to avoid the imported products of those who export production, technology and jobs to low-wage countries, thus destroying jobs and undermining the economy of their own country.  

    As a trade unionist, I will not permit my union-earned dollars to profit those who refuse to allow their employees the right to the collective bargaining process, or to permit them to have a strong voice in determining their own futures.

    I pledge to look for the Union Label on all goods and services I use. By doing so, I help strengthen the security of those men and women who believe as I do in the goals of the free labor movement.

     I demonstrate my unity with my labor brothers and sisters by observing a simple principle – THE UNION LABEL GOLDEN RULE:


    Union Label & Service Trades Department, AFL-CIO

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