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Federal Injury Compensation 


The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) provides wage loss compensation and medical benefits to postal and federal employees who become injured or ill as a result of their duties.


For an overview of laws, regulations, and policies that affect injured postal and federal employees, click here.

List of USPS Districts Currently Under
Phase 2 of the National Reassessment Process


(07/27/07) The Postal Service continues to implement Phase 2 of the National Reassessment Process (NRP) in USPS Districts across the country. There is no set schedule that establishes a date when a particular District will begin Phase 2. Every USPS District should have already implemented Phase 1 of the NRP, which is the “information-gathering” phase. When a District completes this initial phase, they contact Postal Service Headquarters to seek approval to move forward into Phase 2, which is the “interview and decision-making phase.” [read more]

The ‘3-Day Waiting Period’

(May 2007) Despite a long and hard-fought battle by the APWU, on Dec. 20, 2006, President Bush signed into law the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, which included provisions that we vehemently opposed. One such item is an amendment to Section 8117 of the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA). The amendment, which applies only to USPS employees, establishes a three-day waiting period before Continuation of Pay (COP) will be granted. [read more]

USPS Unleashes National
Reassessment Process (Phases 1 & 2)

(Updated 06/29/07) In mid-December, the APWU was notified that Phase 1 of the National Reassessment Process had been implemented nationwide. The Postal Service estimates that 33,707limited duty and rehabilitation employees will be reassessed under “NRP,” which was previously known as “Outplacement.” All 85 USPS Districts began Phase 1 of this national program on Nov. 6, 2006. [read more]

USPS Reassessment Process Background

(June 2006) The Postal Service aggressively monitors limited duty and rehabilitation assignments, and in May, 2005 notified the APWU that the USPS would begin a reassessment of rehabilitation jobs and limited duty assignments. The third pilot of the “Reassessment Process” (previously called “Outplacement”) was recently conducted in the USPS Western New York District. [read more]

USPS Unveils Prescription
Drug Card for Workplace Injuries

(05/10/06) The USPS has announced a voluntary prescription drug card program for employees who suffer workplace injuries or illnesses. According to the Postal Service, employees who choose to participate in the program will submit their drug card and prescriptions to the pharmacy of their choice, and the prescriptions will be filled at no cost to the employee. [read more]

Ruling to Benefit Retirees
Who Were Injured on the Job

(04/19/06) A recent decision by the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) should ensure that employees who work less than eight hours per day as the result of job-related injuries get their full annuity they when they retire. The MSPB decision reverses a policy enacted by the Office of Personnel Management in 2002, which declared that employees who were partially disabled due to job-related injuries should be treated as part-time workers, and their retirement annuities should be based only on their part-time work hours.
[read more]

Leave Buy Back: National-Level
Dispute with the Postal Service

In 2001 the APWU learned that the Postal Service had instructed its Injury Compensation Specialists to inform employees who suffered on-the-job injuries that “if leave is used after a claim is accepted by the Department of Labor, OWCP, that leave may not be bought back.” On July 18, 2001, the APWU initiated a Step 4 dispute regarding this policy, charging that the Postal Service violated the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. [read more]


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