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EAP Information

The Employee Assistance Program

(EAP) is a resource for postal

employees and their family members

designed to help them with on-the-

job, personal, or family problems. EAP

is a counseling and referral service

staffed with mental health

professionals. It is a formal, non-


Federal Injury Comp

The Code of Federal Regulations (20

CFR Parts 10 and 25) provides specific

instructions as to how FECA should be

administered by the employing


The US Postal Service has, as

required, published specific

Postal Relief Fund

The Postal Employees Relief Fund

(PERF) provides financial assistance

for APWU members as well as other

postal employees and retirees whose

homes and property have been

substantially damaged by natural

disasters and home fires if the

employees are not reimbursed by

insurance or grants.

About Family and Medical


The Family and Medical Leave Act

(FMLA) was signed into law by

President Clinton in 1993. It requires

employers to grant an eligible

employee up to a total of 12

workweeks of unpaid leave during any

12-month period for one or more of

the following reasons:

Veterans Resources

The men and women of the armed forces have served each of us through military service to our country. The liberties we enjoy today have been won through their sacrifice. Many of our APWU brothers and sisters have served or are currently serving, and we have an obligation to support them. 
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