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You need Acrobat Reader for these Forms


APWU FMLA Form #1 [pdf]
Employee Certification of Own Serious Illness

APWU FMLA Form #2 [pdf]
Certification by Employee's Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Illness

APWU FMLA Form #3 [pdf]
Health Care Provider Certification of Employee's Family Member Illness

APWU FMLA Form #4 [pdf]
Notice of Need for Intermittent Leave or for a Reduced Work Schedule

APWU FMLA Form #5 [pdf]
Desired or Needed Absence for Birth or placement of Son or Daughter

APWU FMLA Form #6 [pdf]
USPS Verification of Veteran's Treatment

APWU FMLA Form #7 [pdf]
Management Request for Clarification of Medical Certification