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Something new and innovative


We are now on Internet Radio. Our provider is Blog Talk Radio and we can now do live shows. This would be a live show in which members can call in and ask questions or to offer opinions. In addition, we would be allowed to have guests, who could be some of our national officers who would answer your questions on certain topics or bring in specialists in OWCP or FMLA.


For those of you who could not listen to the show live, it will be available for you to listen to by downloading or streaming at a more convenient time for yourself. 


We would like some input from you as to what would be a good time and day of the week to do the show. Though we know some of you will have to be working during the broadcast we want to do it at a time where most of you would be able to listen in and participate.


Though this is still early in the planning stages, and we have a lot of bugs to work out, we will go on the air on Monday, August 20 at 3:00 PM. If there are any changes to this Date and time they will be posted here on our website.


To actually listen to the show you can click a link from our website or go to Once you’re there and we’re on the air you will see a click to listen button. That’s all you have to do is click to listen. You’ll also see a phone number of where you can call in if you wish to participate. It’s going to be that simple.


This is going to be a learning experience for all of us, but I believe that by getting you the member more involved it will be good for the CPWU as a whole. This will be your show, whether it be a comment or a complaint we will talk about it.