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    Our Mission

The objectives of the CPWU is to take a leadership roll in all matters of legislation that may concern our members, to further the education of the members by developing a well rounded training program and presenting that program through assemblies throughout the state. To develop an organizing program to increase membership in the APWU and the Auxiliary.

    Our Profile

  • Colorado Postal Workers Union is here for all members in the State.
  • To help or to answer questions or to direct them in the right source of information.
  • We are the Colorado State Chapter of the American Postal Workers Union 


    Our Officers and Stewards

George Prusak, President

Dave Steinbach, Vice-President

Jill Taulbee, Secretary/Treasurer

Vicki Carios, Director of Education

Ron Gorman, Editor

Phil Desautels, OWCP Specialist

April Froming, Steward